Younes Alila
Associate Professor
Forest engineering hydrology

Gary Q. Bull 
Professor and Department Head
Forest economics and forest policy

Cole Burton
Assistant Professor
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Janette Bulkan
Assistant Professor
Indigenous Forestry

Nicholas C. Coops
Professor and Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
CRC Chair in Remote Sensing
Remote sensing and spatial data modeling in forestry and ecology

Deb Delong
Sustainable Forest Management

Bianca Eskelson
Assistant Professor
Forest Biometrics

Verena Griess
Assistant Professor
Forest Management

Shannon Hagerman
Assistant Professor
Conservation, Social-ecological Systems, and human dimensions

John L. Innes 
Professor and Dean
Sustainable forest management, cumulative impacts analysis,
First Nations 

Trevor Jones
MGEM Program

Cecil Konijnendijk
Urban Forestry

Bruce C. Larson 
FRBC Chair in Silviculture
Silviculture and Stand Dynamics

Valerie M. LeMay 
Biometrics and Mensuration 

C. Kevin Lyons
Associate Professor
Forest engineering

Peter L. Marshall
Growth and yield, sampling design

Michael Meitner
Associate Professor
Environmental perception and visualization, recreation, GIS

Harry Nelson
Assistant Professor
Forest Policy and Economics

Stephen R.J. Sheppard 
(Forest Resources Management, Landscape Architecture) and
Director, Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning
Visual management, planning, visualization

Paul Wood (On Leave)
Associate Professor
Conservation policy, environmental ethics

Hisham Zerriffi
Associate Professor
Climate change, energy policy, and sustainability