Post-doctoral Fellows & Research Associates

Post-doctoral Fellows

Ahmed, Suborna
B.Sc. (Bangladesh), M.Sc. (Bangladesh), PhD (UBC)
Application of meta-analysis and meta-modelling in forest biometrics and big data analysis

Bardekjian, Adrina
PhD (Toronto), MFC ( Toronto), BA ( Montreal)
Transdisciplinary Urban Forestry Education and Narratives in Higher Learning across Canada

Bolton, Doug
PhD. (UBC), M.A. (Boston University), B.A (Boston University)
Environmental Remote Sensing, Forest Monitoring

Burgar, Joanna
PhD (Australia), MSc (UK), BSc (British Columbia)
Wildlife (restoration) ecology

Devisscher, Tahia
PhD (Oxford), MSc (Lund, CEU), BSc (Zamorano)
Urban Forest Management for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

 Ferster, Colin
B.Sc. (UVic), M.Sc. (UBC), Ph.D. (UBC)
Modelling spatial patterns within wildfire events in the Western Canadian Boreal Forest

Findlater, Kieran M.
PhD (UBC), MSc (UBC), BSc (University of Alberta)
Risk Perceptions, Climate Change Adaptation

Ghafghazi, Saeed
B.Sc. (Iran), M.Sc. (Iran), Ph.D. (UBC)
Supply chain and logistics management and simulation modelling

Gilani, Haris
M.Sc., MBA(Germany), PhD (UBC)
Sustainable Business Management; Sustainable  Forest Management

Hermosilla Gomez, Txomin
PhD (Spain), MSc (UK), BSc (Spain)
Land Use Classification and Change Detection

Jang, Woongsoon
PhD (US), MSc (S.Korea), BSc (S.Korea)
Quantitative Silviculture and Forest Ecology 

Matasci, Giona
B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Fusion of LiDAR data and optical images to map forest dynamics

Pickell, Paul
B.A.S. (USA), Ph.D. (UBC)
Remote sensing of boreal forest fires and vegetation dynamics

Paradis, Gregory

Pizzirani, Stefania
PhD (New Zealand), MSc (UK), BA (California)
Indigenous forestry development and community engagement

Tompalski, Piotr
Ph.D., M.Sc
Airborne & Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Remote Sensing & GIS Applications in Forestry, Ecology, and Nature Conservation

Tortini, Riccardo
B.Sc. (Italy), M.Sc. (Italy), Ph.D. (Michigan Tech)
Tower Based Spectro-radiometers (AMSPEC)


Research Associates

Chen, Baozhang
BEng (Jilin), MSc (Tongji), PhD (Brit Col)
Environmental Remote Sensing, Land Model and Carbon Cycle

Krcmar, Emina
BSc, MSc, PhD (Belgrade)
Decision Analysis Under Multiple Criteria and Uncertainty

Nikolakis, William
B Business BL (Australia) Ph.D. (S. Australia)
Sustainable Resource Management

Seely, Brad
BS (Redlands), PhD (Boston)
Nutrient Dynamics and Forest Hydrology

Welham, Clive
BSc, MSc, (Manit), PhD (S Fraser)