Vision & Mission Statement

To excel in education and research for the conservation and sustainable management of forests, woodlands, and wildlands.

The mission of the Forest Resources Management Department is to provide an outstanding education in forestry and conservation that is integrated, international, and experiential. We undertake significant, innovative research, and promote an interdisciplinary environment that attracts world-class scholars and graduate students. We engage indigenous peoples, in Canada and abroad, in their stewardship of forest lands. We foster public understanding of, and actively promote sustainable approaches to, regional and global natural resource and conservation challenges.


Forest Operations
If you seek the challenge of applying technology and science to create environmentally and economically sound harvesting plans, then the Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF), Forest Operations program may be for you.


Forest Resources Management
If you love the outdoors and are excited by the challenge of planning and managing our forest lands, taking into account multiple resource users, then the Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF), Forest Resources Management program may be for you.


Urban Forestry
If you love the urban environment and are interested in sustainability, green space planning and nature in the city, then the Bachelor of Urban Forestry Program may be for you.

Minor in Commerce
Students desiring a stronger foundation in business are encouraged to consider the Minor in Commerce, offered through the UBC Sauder School of Business.