Faculty Staff Post-doctoral Fellows & Research Associates

Post-doctoral Fellows

Ghasemi, Elaheh
PhD (Université Laval, Canada), MSc (Iran), BSc (Iran)
Nature-based decarbonization opportunities for the mining and forest sectors

Ghotb, Seyed Salar

Griffin, Laura
PhD (Ireland), BSc (Ireland)
Large mammal responses to forestry practices and pest outbreaks/Human-wildlife coexistence/Wildlife ecology and management

Goodbody, Tristan
PhD (UBC), BSc (UBC)
Enhanced Forest Inventories; Sustainable  Forest Management

Hacker, Paul
Forest growth quantification using deep learning and point clouds; Satellite-derived leaf functional variations across Canada’s forests

He, Mei
BSc (China) PhD (China)
The effects, models, and industrial development of forest therapy

Krivak-Tetley, Flora
PhD (USA), MSc (UBerkeley), BA (USA)
Landscape-scale modelling of forest management; Ecology of invasive forest insects; Climate change impacts and adaptation

Micheletti Ribeiro Silva, Tatiane
PhD (Germany), MSc (Brazil), MSc (Wales/Germany), BSc (Brazil)
Simulating, forecasting and integrating ecological process and species models in Canada Boreal Forest

Mulverhill, Chris
PhD (UBC), BSc (University of Oregon)
Remote sensing tools for informing forest management and understanding ecological processes

Riofrío, José
PhD (Spain), MSc (Spain), BSc (Ecuador)
Growth and Yield, Enhanced Forest Inventories, Forest Dynamics

Smith, Tonya
PhD (UBC), MSc (Finland, ABD), MF (UBC), BSc (UBC)
Lil’wat Cultural Re-Connection Classroom

du Toit, Francois

Videira de Freitas e Barros, Ceres
PhD (Université Grenoble Alpes, France), MSc (University of Aberdeen, UK), Licentiate Degree (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
Ecological modelling, ecosystem resilience and stability to global change drivers, fire ecology

Winiwarter, Lukas
PhD (Heidelberg/Germany), MSc (Vienna, TU), BSc (Vienna, TU)
UncertainTree: Investigating the role of uncertainty in LiDAR remote sensing of vegetation

Wotherspoon, Amy
PhD (Québec), MSc (Ontario), BSc (Ontario)
Future climate projections and implications for forest management

Yu, Xu Jian (Joe)
PhD (UBC), BSc (UBC)
Forest Hydrology; land-use effects on hydrology

Research Associates

Mologni, Omar
PhD (Italy), MSc (Italy), BSc (Italy)
Forest Operations

Jang, Woongsoon
PhD (US), MSc (South Korea), BSc (South Korea)
Quantitative Silviculture and Forest Ecology

Palmer, John
MA (Oxford), BA (Oxford)
International Tropical Forestry and Land Uses; Quality assurance for forestry stewardship

Seely, Brad
PhD (Boston), BS (Redlands)
Nutrient Dynamics and Forest Hydrology

Silva, Tatiane Micheletti Ribeiro
PhD (Germany), MSc (Brazil), MSc (Wales/Germany), BSc (Brazil)
Simulating, forecasting and integrating ecological process and species models in Canada Boreal Forest

Welham, Clive
PhD (SFU), MSc (Manit), BSc

Xie, Shenghao
PhD (UBC, Canada), MSc (UBC, Canada), BSc (UBC, Canada)
Impact of Harvest Wood Products Consumption Strategies on British Columbia’s Greenhouse Gas emissions

Yan, Han Bing
PhD (China), MSc (China), BSc (China)
Sustainable Forest Management