Post-doctoral Fellows & Research Associates

Post-doctoral Fellows

Andrews-Key, Sheri Anne

Bolton, Douglas

Devisscher, Tahia
PhD (Oxford), MSc (Lund, CEU), BSc (Zamorano)
Urban Forest Management for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Ferster, Colin
B.Sc. (UVic), M.Sc. (UBC), Ph.D. (UBC)
Modelling spatial patterns within wildfire events in the Western Canadian Boreal Forest

Ghafghazi, Saeed
B.Sc. (Iran), M.Sc. (Iran), Ph.D. (UBC)
Supply chain and logistics management and simulation modelling

Gilani, Haris
M.Sc., MBA(Germany), PhD (UBC)
Sustainable Business Management; Sustainable  Forest Management

Goodbody, Tristan

Kearney, Sean
PhD (UBC), MSc. (UC Davis), B.A. (Western Washington University)
Environmental Remote Sensing, Landscape Ecology, Agroecology and Soil Science

Jang, Woongsoon
PhD (US), MSc (S.Korea), BSc (S.Korea)
Quantitative Silviculture and Forest Ecology 

Mologni, Omar
PhD (Italy), MSc (Italy), BSc (Italy)
Forest Operations

Lafond, Valentine
PhD (France), MSc (France), BSc (France)

Micheletti Ribeiro Silva, Tatiane

Naficy, Cameron
B.A. (Rice University, USA), M.Sc. (University of Montana, USA), Ph.D. (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
Dendroecology, remote sensing, and landscape ecology of  disturbances in montane forests

Paradis, Gregory
PhD (Université Laval), M.Sc. Eng. (UNB), B.Sc. Eng. (UNB)
Applications of operations research to forest-sector planning processes

Peterson St-Laurent, Guillaume

Reyes, Rene

Shang, Chen
PhD (Queen’s), M.E.S. (Waterloo), B.E.S. (Waterloo)
Environmental Remote Sensing, Forest Inventory, Big Data Analytics

Videira de Freitas e Barros, Ceres
Xin, Shuyu







 Research Associates

Chen, Baozhang
BEng (Jilin), MSc (Tongji), PhD (Brit Col)
Environmental Remote Sensing, Land Model and Carbon Cycle

Krcmar, Emina
BSc, MSc, PhD (Belgrade)
Decision Analysis Under Multiple Criteria and Uncertainty

Seely, Brad
BS (Redlands), PhD (Boston)
Nutrient Dynamics and Forest Hydrology

Tompalski, Piotr
Ph.D., M.Sc
Airborne & Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Remote Sensing & GIS Applications in Forestry, Ecology, and Nature Conservation

Welham, Clive
BSc, MSc, (Manit), PhD (S Fraser)