Vision & Mission Statement

The practice of forest resources management requires accurate and current information as inputs to decision and policy making.

Active research in this area includes developing and validating methods and techniques to collect and analyze inventory and productivity data at all scales, using a variety of measurement techniques including forest inventory and application of remotely sensed imagery. Analysis of relationships across scales and over time is particularly accented from the individual tree and species level, to regional, continental and global scales.

Since these methods are useful for all aspects of forest management, and for other fields of study, courses provided by this group of faculty members are well subscribed.

Faculty also act as an applied forest biometrics and remote sensing consulting group for graduate students and faculty across the UBC campus.

Associated Research Links
Biometrics Website
Intergrated Remote Sensing Studio

Nicholas Coops
Remote Sensing, Image Analysis

Suborna Ahmed

Bianca Eskelson
Biometrics/Forest Measurements

Valerie LeMay

Paul Pickell

Emeriti Faculty
Peter Marshall
David Tait

Adjunct Faculty
Zumrawi, Abdel-Azim, Faculty of Forestry, UBC
David Andison, Bandaloop Landscape-Ecosystem Services
Louise De Montigny, Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations (BCFLNRO), Victoria
Steen Magnussen, Pacific Forestry Centre (CFS), Victoria
Ian Moss, Tesera Systems Inc., Victoria
Nick Smith, Nick Smith Forest Consulting
Mike Wulder, Pacific Forestry Centre (CFS), Victoria

Past and Current Projects

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