Planning includes the design and application of decision support systems, so research in this area covers topics on modelling, mathematical programming and operations research/management science. Much of our research on decision support systems is done through interdisciplinary research projects. In the field of geotechnical engineering, we conduct research on methods for assessing terrain stability, examining the initiation and impact of debris flows and road construction in mountainous terrain with a focus on innovative methods of soil stabilization. In the field of mechanics we study many of the complicated problems resulting from operating with natural systems. Some of the mechanical problems being considered include displacement functions for anisotropic heterogeneous materials, the nonlinear behavior of columns supported by cables with significant self weight, and the design of load measuring systems for off-highway log trucks.

Forest planning and operations are essential elements in implementing harvests that meet the economic, environmental, and social goals of the landowner. This includes responsible design of forest roads and harvest units, selection of logging and transportation systems, and harvest planning that incorporates all forest values. As forests become increasingly recognized for their environmental and social values, forest operations have become complex, requiring highly trained, visionary, and experienced professionals. This is especially true in British Columbia where mountainous terrain, high precipitation, and conflicting resource objectives amplify the need for forest operations to be planned and executed by professionals.


Ken Byrne
Natural Disturbance Modelling, Forest Operations

Greg Paradis
Forest Management

Dominik Roeser
Forest Operations

Lee Salmon
Forest Operations

Andres Varhola
Forest Management

Emeriti Faculty

Dennis Bendickson
Forest Operations

John Nelson
Forest Planning

Associated Research Links

Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada

Jonathan Fannin
Civil Engineering

Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP)

Forest Information Resource Management Systems

Past and Current Research

  • The mechanics of anisotropic materials applied to the management of forests, NSERC
  • Load sharing between log stringers in gravel decked log bridges, FIIA
  • Groundwater seepage and the internal stability of soils – B.C. Hydro
  • Innovative methods for terrain stability assessment – NSERC
  • Decision support systems for forest land use planning – NSERC

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