The Social team is responsible for studying the relationships of society to forests, and integrating social values into forest management.  Society places diverse (and often conflicting) demands on forests and these frequently dominate management decisions.  The challenge is to ensure that social objectives are identified and included in decision making and that these objectives are sustainable within biological, ecological, economic and climatic confines.  The team is responsible for undergraduate teaching in the Natural Resources Conservation program, the Forest Resources Management program, the Landscape Architecture program, and for the graduate Forest & Society Program.  Members of this team are also active in developing visualization methods, assessing landscape perceptions, and coordinating with GIS/remote sensing in the CALP/IRS studio.


Janette Bulkan
Indigenous Forestry

Jennifer Grenz
Ecological Restoration, Invasive Species

Shannon Hagerman
Socio-ecological Systems

Juliet Lu
Ecology, Land Investment

Michael Meitner
Environmental psychology

Associated Research Links

Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning

First Nations Research, Faculty of Forestry

Geomatics at the University of B.C.

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Adjunct Faculty

Stewart Cohen, Environment Canada

Associated Faculty

Patrick Matakala, WWF, Zambia

Emeritus Faculty

Stephen Sheppard


Howie Harshaw, Research Associate

David Flanders, DPI Territorial Consulting

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